On behalf of the Cets-society
I have the pleasure of inviting you
and your Bull Terrier - Mini Bull Terrier
to the
Continent Europe Trophy Show in Belgium
Italy 2019   IBTG
Bullistorgame Brembo
Bullistorgame Roxy
Ironbullgladiators  Saki
Vinces Kiss Of The Devil
Rasels Bull Well Wine
Jay’s Ghost
Bullside Walter White
Taurus Machè Goldenn Bull
Fiocco Di Neve
Nubis Alfa Inemonef
D- City Demon Inferno
Maester Luwin
Rasels Bull Well Wine
Nubis Alfa Inemonef
Ironbulls Gladiators Saki
Vinces Kiss of The Devil

Springer Minibull Ninja